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I grow old on every 13th December. &party has been a weekly dosage of remedy ever since. I get myself thrilled with pink, zebra prints, rainbows &cupcakes. I have my daily dosage of sugar, spice &everything nice. I'm not going to say how ordinary I am just like any other bloggers because at the end of the day, some of y'all will end up judging still. What's the same, anyway?



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Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 5:28 PM

Have been movie marathon-ing at home. I swear I iz very veryy bored at home every now &then. FB disgusts me ever since someeee creatures have created an account there. Ar yes, kau disgust aku. TAHU TAKKK?! Termasuk kwn-kwn kau yang jahanam sekali okay? Vodkay, go.

Lucky for me, Shah recommended me with a software to download the movies. &now, I have all the movies to myself. &I don't have to worry about my memory overflowing. Because Mummy bought for me a hard disk alr. &I've even bedazzled it thanks to Myr-rer. Skrang it's all bling bling with alot of pink. Heh. Suke suke sukeeeee.

It'll surely be better if I get to munch while movie marathon-ing. But sadly for me, there's no food at home. Pfft. Mummy rarely cook because she claimed that I eat very veryyy little. &there's no use cooking since the dishes won't finish. But oh well, that works well too. Because I can lose weight even moreeeee. Heh.

&OHHH! I just met Myramay in the library. Yesyes, I'm not in class doing my UT. Because one, I didn't go for all 5 classes. Two, no one knows I exist in the class. I think? Three, it's just so awkward to step into the class just for the UT. Four, I didn't study for the UT at all. So might as well, buck up on my daily grades &for the other 2 UTs. Hopefully, hopefully, I don't have to repeat. Lastly, WGT! Haha!

&&I think the inspiration that I made for myself. To step into class for 4 days straight is very impossible. So pelan-pelan kayuh lohh. So, from next week onwards, I'll try to go for 3 classes instead of the normal 2. Hopefully ar ehh.

&OHH! I watched The Covenant instead of studying for UT just now. Bnyk laa nk blaja sngt. Berangan aje mau lebih. Jahanam, jahanam. &it's the frst horror movie that made me not hide myself under the covers. Because I was busy gugu-gaga-ing over the cute boys.

Thanks sistr for recommending the movie to me. I think she know I semangat Chace that she asked me to watch it. Aww, sweet laa sngt kakak aku nih. HAHA!

&the main actor, Steven Strait. Awesome awww. I was melting the whole time laa goddamnitzx.

Toby Hemingway also! Waduhhh. YSEE! It's thanks to this guys that I didn't hide myself under the covers. Because if I were to do so, I'd be missing out alot. Dah tkder mmhh-ing on this guys. HAHA!

But no one can beat Justin Bieber laa kan. HAHA. &someeee creature saw the name of my harddisk. Yes, Bakybieber. &he even planned to set his hair like him. Waduhhh. Stopit eh Fee. Jgn nk step Fee Bieber. Cause tkkn menjadi punye. Haha!

&OH! Someone said I think I have fetish for hairs. HAHA. Like all those cute ones have nice hair. Betul, betul, betul. Heh.

Okay, Rikybby just finished her UT. &I'm off for now. I feel like going shopping. Mcm addictive gitu ehh. Pfft.

The game is done. Xoxo.

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